Dr. Sapna Singh

Dr. Sapna Singh

Senior Pathologist
MBBS MD (bio-chemistry)

LHMC, New Delhi

MD (Bio-Chemistry)

MAMC, New Delhi

1 Year Senior Residency in RML & PGIMER, New Delhi
2 Year Senior Residency in AIIMS, Rishikesh
8 month exp. as a Assistant Professor in Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences
Oral Paper Presentation in 26th annual symposium of indian society for Atherosclerosi research.
Oral Paper Presentation in AMBICON 2013
Poster Presentation in ACBICON 2013
Workshop on live demonstration in Molecular Biologic techniques
Publications :
Impact of CD 40 gene polymorphism on coronary artery disease in an Indian Population-Acta Medica International Journal
Role of Active Vitamin D in immunity Indian journal of Medical Bio-Chemistry