ESRD (End stage renal disease)

Treatment Done by : Dr. Rohit Khandelwal (Senior Nephrologist, BIMR Hospitals) & team

It's quite disheartening to see such small child (only 6 years) with ESRD (End stage renal disease). She had history of frequent UTI's since age of 1 year and became uremic 20 days back with severely deranged renal parameters. She went to Bansal hospital, Bhopal and was initiated on HD after evaluation. Since her family resides in a town near Gwalior, family decided to continue dialysis in Gwalior but no dialysis center in Gwalior has consumables (like small dialyser and TUBINGS, not even with fresenius stockist) to dialyse her except for one that is our BIMR CENTER. We arranged all those consumables right from very beginning when we started dialysis unit 2 years back. This is the youngest member of our unit, will be dialysed for rest of her life in our unit probably. Even my experience with such small child is not much, but we succeeded in completing her dialysis session safely with no complications. Family is satisfied and quite happy with BIMR unit. Thanks to BIMR staff and management. Dr. Rohit Khandelwal, Nephrologist, BIMR Hospitals